Financial Planning Process

With our holistic approach we provide professional advice tailored to achieve the lifestyle you want by providing expert financial advice from our highly qualified financial advisors.

The Financial Planning Process is explained below:

Initial consultation:

The first appointment is to get to know each other. Collect information of your current goals, objectives, family income, expenditure, assets, liabilities etc. so that an appropriate recommendation can be drafted. Initial consultation is complimentary.

Plan Preparation and Strategy Recommendation:

Based on your lifestyle and financial goals and objective, we prepare tailored financial plan for you after necessary research and investigation. We will then explain the recommendation to you step by step and answer any questions that you may have. The Statement of Advice will also contain full disclosure of the fees and commissions. We’ll provide a Product Disclosure Statements so that you can make an informed decision.


Once you give the go-ahead, together we will help you implement your chosen strategies. This may involve setting up investment or insurance products or us liaising with other professionals – like your banker, accountant, or solicitor – where necessary.

Regular review

Your financial plan should not be a set and forget solution, but should be a living document that adapts to change.

It is important you seek regular checks and let us know should your circumstances change. We recommend an annual review to ensure your plan continues to meet your needs.